With SO many photo booth rental choices in the Phoenix area, it’s hard to know which one to choose. Here is a list of our top priorities when looking for a booth.

#1 Quality prints

Sadly, a lot of photo booth companies aren’t professional photographers and don’t understand how the photography side of the photo booth works. This can result in poor lighting and blurry images. Make sure that your photo prints are sharp and well lit. You can always ask the company for sample prints to see exactly what your final prints will look like.

#2 Open Air Booth vs. Enclosed Booth

Consider what kind of party you are having and what type of booth would work best. Enclosed booths don’t hold as many people but offer better lighting and a nostalgic photo booth experience. The enclosed booth also adds a little privacy in case you are shy about posing with a line of people watching you!  But an open air booth is great for larger group shots and is more interactive with the whole party.

#3 Who’s manning the booth?

It might be a lot cheaper, but don’t hire a drop and pick up company. You want someone there attending the booth in case something goes wrong.  The right attendants can also make the photo booth experience more memorable.

#4 Always read the reviews

Always read the reviews to see what people are saying about the company. Bad reviews are a good indication that the reviews are robot generated, so don’t go running for the hills if you see one. I like to read the best review and the worst review before making a decision on anything.

#5 Size matters

If looking for an enclosed booth, consider how many people can fit into the booth. A lot of enclosed booths are very small and may only seat one individual. At Vintage Photo Booth Rentals, we offer a large bench that seats at least 3 adults across with a pull out bench on the bottom for more seating.

#6 Price

When it comes to photo booths, you often get what you pay for. Someone with cheap equipment and can fold the booth to fit in the trunk of a car won’t have to charge as much as a booth that needs a truck and a trailer to haul. Usually paying more, means getting all the bells and whistles that accompany the price tag.

#7 How much time do you actually need?

It’s tempting when booking to book the cheaper package with less time, but will that give your guests time to get through the booth? Generally guests at a party or wedding don’t line up together and all get their photos at once. 3 hours is usually sufficient to get all the guests a turn and 4 is even better.

#8 Can it be customized?

If you have a corporate party or a very customized party, you might want to consider how much it can be customized. We have multiple options for customization including, templates, backdrops, props and signs. We’ve even built new signs to be displayed on top. We can fully build and customize a backdrop for our open air booth as well. If you can dream it, we can build it!

#9 Props

Are you getting actual props or print out paper on a stick? If it matters to you, you might want to keep that in mind. We use real props that can be sanitized. Not just paper that is held to 100 different lips all night!

#10 Lighting

Being a photographer, lighting is my top priority. You don’t want photos that are overexposed (too bright leaving a glare on your skin), or underexposed (too dark leaving skin looking muddy). Make sure they have a flash with a softbox or studio strobe lights.