Not all photo booths are created equally! People ask us all the time, why is your booth more expensive than this or that other photo booth company? Why is a Mercedes more than a Civic? Photo booths are not all the same either. Let’s look at some different categories of photo booths:

1. Actual photo booth: This is where you actually walk into a booth to get your picture taken, just like in the old days. That is how we made our booth. These often require trucks or trailers to transport and can’t be shoved in the trunk of a car.

#2 Curtain booth: These booths are usually constructed of PVC pipe and fabric. You usually stand up in these ones while having your photo taken. Most of the really cheap “photo booths” out there are constructed like this. They are easy to transport and can be folded and put in a box.

#3 Photo stations: This is a box brought to your event and set up. It has the camera and flash all inside the box.  You usually stand against a wall to have your picture taken or a white backdrop is brought.

Here are some other considerations while renting a photo booth. 

#1 Size: While you might find a real photo booth to rent, how many people are actually going to fit in that booth? Is it meant for only a couple? Or worse? One person? If you are planning on getting pictures with your bridal party or family, this is definitely something to consider.  Ours can fit 4 adults seated and we have benches we can pull out for double stacking.

Vintage Photo Booth seats 4 across

and more room for “shoving!”

#2 Quality of prints: If your photo booth company doesn’t understand photography, you’re not going to get high quality prints. We use two strobe lights in our booths for studio quality prints. 

Actual print from Vintage Photo Booth Rentals with no re-touching.

#3 Position of camera: If you want your pictures to look like the old fashioned photo booths then you better make sure your camera in the photo booth is set to take the photos chest up. This is the most flattering way to do it which also means the camera is most likely not taking at a wide angle which causes distortion to the face making your nose big and your face to appear cartoonish. 

An unnamed photo booth company takes this photo in a standing position knee up which is the most common for photo booth companies today. Notice the flash is too strong making the photo over-exposed as well.

#4 Props: My favorite part about Vintage Photo Booth Rentals! Consider what your guests will be wearing to your wedding and how much time they spent getting ready. Do they really want to see themselves wearing silly glasses and a pimp wig? Consider classy props that actually almost look like they wore them to your wedding!

A lot of photo booth companies use props made out of paper that tear or get dirty and can’t be washed.

Vintage Photo Booth Rentals uses real vintage hats and plastic lips and mustache that we clean before and after each event. We also have handmade masks.